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Gov. Contracts Bidding
Immense Market
Obtainable Binary Returns
Tolerable Risks


A perfect start to display your skill at creating a team of active bidders.
Inviting users under your 1st downline will provide you with an opportunity of getting a fixed rate 20% affiliate commission, credited from all the revenue of your directly invited partners.

** For instance, if a particular team member will perform a list of bid actions, thus by acquiring contract’s terms he or she will gain a proximate revenue of $1200 upon the expiration of a given contract, where Margin Difference will result at $200 perspectively, your profile will be automatically credited with $40 of a referral commission.

If you can perform at your best and create a strong team of leaders, a unique three-tier 5%-2-1 deposit-based affiliate program will provide you with a strong motivation at performing within each level of your referral tree, thus over time generating a completely passive income for you & your family.

** Each new deposit made by an affiliate up to 3 levels deep, will provide you with a fixed rate commission from not only all the directly invited partners but also their affiliates as well, all resulting with a substantial level of passive revenue given accordingly to your actions.

Becoming an official Counselor of the Organization itself may indeed provide you with financial independence for the rest of your life.
As the very special deposit-based 7%-2-1 affiliate program will be empowered with one and only GB Counselor Package, which will speak for itself.

** However it might take some time to achieve such a status as it will require not only a mass recognition and strong network of Representatives but a tangible vision of your team-development plan synchronized with a strong public image.
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The client’s full name, IP or physical address are never displayed publicly on the website other than within the user's profile interface itself. The only information that may be displayed openly is live contracts bidding feed (direct blockchain operation link may be attached), which may include operation’s time and date, amount of Digital Assets, and user's nickname.