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The multinational organization, which structure is legally formed as: GB Contract Trading LLC. (USA) , GB Contract Trading LTD. (Hong Kong), GovBid Platform LTD. (United Kingdom), including all affiliated Partners, was designed to work within a field of a government supply & services contracts, as well as public auctions, international logistics and overseas specialized items shipping.

Becoming a third-party mediator, we connect our database of all the available government pool of contracts with a list of private corporate suppliers, eligible to perform a corporate bid on a given contract, often having a key trading aspect as a sufficient inventory in stock.

By creating a platform, on which we display only the most lucrative openings, thus making a majority of them available to our clients, we can accumulate an indispensable amount of assets for the selected supplier to either perform a short-term lien on contract’s terms, or to initiate a sale of the contract’s bond, by a supplier-owned or oneself produced inventory in stock.

All funds, aka. “Digital Assets” that have been collected during the term of the contract are then shaped in a form of a capital infusion provided to the supplier, which is legally structured in a form of a loan, with a lien on a final payment pledged by the initiator of a contract.

Once contract has been signed off and all its terms are finally met, the amount paid to the supplier is to become available and to be distributed in accordance with its lien agreement.

The difference between the capital required (or the value of items listed as an entry) and digital assets pool, a particular supplier had been provided with (as a short term purchase of his inventory, qualified to acquire the contract), is then distributed among a selected group of users, who all have had a chance to obtain a part of the contract’s lien or bond during the active bidding process performed within their “Secure Area” (aka. Personal Profile)

*As each contract has a particular set of obligations embedded into its terms, it is possible to apply a subsidiary lien over a certain type of those liabilities. For instance, if the openly listed contract shared by the government agency, has a PUAV. (Payment Upon Authority Verification) option, it may be attainable to create an admissible lien aimed to provide an opportunity to a benefactor in a face of a user, which essentially provides a loan for the supplier to meet all the requirements under the PUAV. One of these perquisites can be a verification proof of all the items to be available in stock and acquired by the custody guarantor which in a surface of GB Contracts & Trading’s operation goes typically as an eligible organization’s business partner.

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The client’s full name, IP or physical address are never displayed publicly on the website other than within the user's profile interface itself. The only information that may be displayed openly is live contracts bidding feed (direct blockchain operation link may be attached), which may include operation’s time and date, amount of Digital Assets, and user's nickname.