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MAKING Client Support Great Again!

“We can still remember those golden years when the word “customer” had a genuine weight in it. Those times, when businesses had something more, than just a problem collecting department. When by communicating with an assistant, even off the topic, you actually had that feeling full of confidence, a warmth yet professional “can do” attitude. At G.B.P., we strive to convey you with that vibe, as no matter how far you are, you are still our partner, neighbor, and a friend.
Rich Solomon, HR & Client Relations Manager.

We follow a strict no-spam, zero-marketing policy and will never sell or misuse your contact information.
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Be careful! Always pay attention at the assistant’s nickname. If anything smells physhy - stay away. Do not share your profile’s data nor any details of your transactions to anybody outside of this list.
*** Get 97% of your inquires sorted out in a Day! ***

To help our team with inquiries undertaking, as to speed up with your own tickets, you may choose to practice the following list of tips:

  1. Always try to be firm and provide as many facts on the inquiry as possible. Addressing your message directly from your personal profile's Resolution Ticketing Center will drastically speed up the process.
  2. Send only one inquiry at the time always paying attention at the number of tickets already sent by G.B.P. users (displayed at the top of the Support page). It might be much more effective to avoid any rush-hour consultation attempts in order to get your inquiry sorted.
  3. Choose a proper Department to address as selecting a branch incorrectly will increase the overall response time.
  4. Use social channels to communicate your thoughts and explore user’s feedback, yet continue with technical requests addressed only via the Resolution Ticketing Center.
  5. Explore the F.A.Q. section as many of the questions have been already explained in details, thus may save your time in a first place.
  6. Exercise a little patience even if your ticket had not been addressed shortly, it might still take some time for our team to completely resolve the issue. Once finalized, it will be reported back to you with a result. However if only after 72 business hours there have been no feedback provided to you, kindly create another request with just the same information provided earlier.

Many of our Assistants are Community based staff, it means that your problem will never be neglected and to be treated like our own. We are always happy to work with you!

  • Withdrawal request processing will take 3 business days to complete with an additional up to 72 hours of a manual checkup, required for all amounts above $4,999. Explained here.
  • If your active referral has already made a deposit, you will receive an affiliate commission reward only upon his or her first revenue withdrawals.
    Revenue-based A.P. is set by default at all Regular user status profiles. Deposit-based A.P. is a Representative status feature only. Explained here.
  • Personal usage of multiple active accounts is allowed, yet fraudulent affiliate chains are strictly prohibited and will be hunted down!
  • Deposit transfer sum should be exactly as requested otherwise the deposit will not get credited.
  • Bitcoin deposit may take up to 12 hours to show up at your balance.
  • Once you complete the payment you will be automatically redirected back to your G.B.P. account, so you can start performing your bids.
  • If your profile has been temporarily suspended, please address this question to our Financial & Monitoring Department via the contact form on the website.
  • If you cannot receive your password restore confirmation link, please check your spam box, wait for up to 2 hours and try it again, however, if such a waiting practice will not help, please address this question to our Administrative Department. You may have to provide a proof of your identity and possibly to update your E-mail address.
  • Wallet data is only possible to update by logging your “Secure Area” and using your protection PIN to confirm the change.