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Effective and meaningful advertising is an art of itself. Our Marketing Department is precisely focused on a long-term partnership with only the best sources of highly active investment & gambling audiences origins. As we keep our budgets tight, all the terms are custom-tailored, as well as promotional materials are designed specifically for a particular website, blog or channel. 

To become granted with G.B.P.’s Promotion Campaign (Starting from 3 months), your source* would have to meet the following list of criteria:

  • Your source of an audience should be the most trusted and the largest within its market or niche.
  • Your source should have a constant unique content production (articles, reviews, opinions, data analysis) as well as a visible audience growth.
  • Your source should have a positive experience of promoting investment offers or gambling platforms.
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G.B.P. CAPEX (Marketing & Media, Deposit-based A.P.) $32,930.00 Updated Sep 17 / 2019
Organization’s Choice!

02 Mon - $1,400.00 Blogger Partnership

01 Sun - $3,000.00 Banner Advertising

02 Mon - $2,000.00 Video & Tutorials

01 Sun - $4,000.00 Localization

17 Tue - $15,000.00 Banner Advertising

17 Tue - $7,530.00 Deposit based AP Largest Audience. Highest Niche Conversion. Visible Activity.

* If you think that your website or channel might be a good place to promote our services, you can Suggest your source here

To become a paid advertising partner you should already have a team of 10 active affiliates.

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The client’s full name, IP or physical address are never displayed publicly on the website other than within the user's profile interface itself. The only information that may be displayed openly is live contracts bidding feed (direct blockchain operation link may be attached), which may include operation’s time and date, amount of Digital Assets, and user's nickname.