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Gov. Contracts Bidding
Immense Market
Obtainable Binary Returns
Tolerable Risks


Our message to any potential attacker is clear:
"You will spend a fortune only scratching the surface...”
Acquiring a five-digit monthly bill from shall prevent any possible DDoS attack of any complexity and the size. Unconstrained uptime of the website is set to ensure our users, that G.B.P.’s global adoption is imminent, and nothing can stand on our way to become the ultimate instrument of your financial prosperity.

All key members of our team are required to use on-demand Tor over VPN dedicated channel to ensure the constant encrypted connection for FTP access & file transferring. Each member of the organization’s big team (especially top-level Client Assistants & Core Technicians) will have to obtain a Social Engineering Pentest Professional (SEPP) certification to become the last and the stronger barrier for any type of the hacking attempts.

When it comes to the data, we make sure that the ecosystem we use, has a Vormetric DSM supported infrastructure (commonly applied by Government Agencies & National Financial Institutions).

The Administration team will never perform an unprotected cloud-syncing over the non-privacy orientated third-party providers (such as Dropbox, GoogleDrive, etc) but to use a GDPR compliant Apricorn storage hardware in addition to the SpiderOak zero-knowledge software when password management & cloud synchronization is required. Everything related to the private data of our users and G.B.P.’s Dedicated Server operations also goes through a set of HP SAN Encryption Ports and proper log-maintaining policy. Anything we deploy as the final functionality is our proprietary built product (with the exception of the payment gate merchant) as even all the media content follows an EXIF metadata removal procedure.

To ensure the absolute strength of the hardware we use, all G.B.P.’s key operations were shaped on using a FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) solutions and open-source privacy-focused OS based upon the Linux kernel.

The financial data components were properly installed at the specialized hardware equipped with TPM (Trusted Platform Module) with its master key stored at the device itself, in addition to the HKS (Hardware Kill Switches) presence on all Financial Department’s PCs.

The cryptocurrency wallet providers such as Armory & Electrum that are involved in the process of the cold-storage and funds management are also installed at the hardware mentioned earlier, yet with an additional Coreboot replacement for its proprietary BIOS/UEFI (“binary-freed” past Intel CPU’s) to stand the ultimate intelligence agencies hacking prevention even on the hardware level.

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The client’s full name, IP or physical address are never displayed publicly on the website other than within the user's profile interface itself. The only information that may be displayed openly is live contracts bidding feed (direct blockchain operation link may be attached), which may include operation’s time and date, amount of Digital Assets, and user's nickname.