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Author: Richard Osborn



Alright, let us speak kings, shall we? If you have already spent a few hours exploring the website perhaps at the same time struggling to understand the wordiness of the text (for that we ask forgiveness and may even have the audacity to request the assistance of yours) you might feel somehow confident yet just a little confused. However, if this very article is still a subject of your vigilant supervision, we might still have a chance to prove to you our noble intentions. Don’t worry, the boring part is over. Thank you for the time spent once again, and we will continue to grind it from here... 

We have provided you with a detailed F.A.Q. page, yet if you already know all the basics, there always will be a set of “questions el picante” answering which should only be the honor of all of the founders. However, when an online money-making opportunity is present, for some reasons all the key inquires strangely stay ignored. 

We all know that everything can be faked out, especially when it comes to the global web itself. What’s real and where is no fundament of words? Too good to be the truth or simply almost the truth? 

There will be no limit to such talk. As we have analyzed this market, I think we know what you are concerned the most, so let’s crack it... 

Q1. Is it legal for me to use and eventually get benefit from G.B.P.? 

Let’s put it that way... you can clearly see that some phrases on this website were set to be not exactly how you talk with your friends. Same as you may expect reading facebook’s terms and conditions. Do you really have to be that precise or wordy? No. But do you want to take a “never get ill” pill? It is better to be prepared, including the legal aspect whereas we know you should talk less and always stay a pessimist. So yes, it is perfectly legal for you to use this platform. Just do not say or promise anything which is not listed or hasn’t been plainly proposed on the website. 

Q2. If the business is real, then why is it so hard to grasp? 

Because some things are indeed complex yet quite fascinating to work with. In time we will provide you with much more clarity on many different aspects of the contract tendering business, yet it all requires a good time of preparation. Take it as a promise. 

Q3. How do you prove that your operation is not a Madoff’s kind? 

Same as Google will prove that this company is not evil. By doing exactly the opposite. As with almost every wizard of the wall street, Madoff’s flair was a power of persuasion. When you have such a skill, you may work on nothing but the vocabulary, hence when it is the time to prove your act, there is nothing to show. Unfortunately, I’m not the sharpest pencil in the box, thus the only thing I can persuade is my dog using a little cheat treat. Instead, we decided to share only facts and to provide transparency once we have a solid ground. Uncut comprehension of the multinational tender business will not come in a day. It took 30 years of my life just to get things squared and it was only a glimpse of the whole picture, but you may trust my word and experience or wait till we share more details on the matter in a way it is digestible. 

Q4. What is the point here for you? 

Every single person in the team has ample to live a good life. Sure enough, if we continue to perform at the peak of our potential. First and foremost we do find a life’s joy making such a product, money may find us in the process, an this is a second object present for our souls at this endeavor. 

Q5. I’ve seen some people busted for promoting their links, is it dangerous to recruit people at such types of platforms? 

It is true that there are some loud cases of a particular set of video bloggers ending up with legal problems after a successful marathon under a certain name I’m sure you’re all familiar with. Well, there are always two sides to the same story. If you bring your friends and colleagues, yet one way or another cover-up facts of what type of responsibility lays on you and your referrals, as a result, you will end up in trouble. How to be a good leader? Just be an honest one. If risks are present - inform your affiliates about them with no sugarcoating. Make sure that each person within your team has a cold-headed mindset regarding an opportunity you want to invite him or her into. Yes, probably you will not get a commission reward right away, but listen, do you really need a drug addict chilling at your house? Work with the ones who can make up their minds, and be an exemplar yourself. 

Q6. How do you pay an affiliate program’s rewards? 

Only when revenue is present, an affiliate commission can be deployed, thus M.D.F. will always display a slightly lower value than it is present for the GovBid. When it comes to the deposit-based affiliate opportunities we have in place for all the active promoters, it goes to our own expense, making the choice Representative a selective process. 

Q7. How many infinities do you want to stay online? 

Nothing or nobody is immortal, and it also applies to anything we do or work at. You should always seek the clear motivation behind each product or opportunity, or even better - a motive that drives its founder or the team. Answering this question - as long as it takes, we are here to work with you. When you start something new, nothing is predictable, yet only the experience will promise to make our flight safer. We have it in stock and it’s been great so far. Doing business and risking together is not fun, yet drinking a margarita on the private jet with the core partners of yours - that job pays off. 

Q8. Any promises, guarantees or assurances? 

No promises. No guarantees. No Assurances of any kind. Period. 

Q9. If everything is so harsh, what am I doing here? 

You are here to earn a living. We are here to do exactly the same. How long can you run depends only if you can pass us the bottle of water, and if our crew will tie the running shoe properly.

Q10. May I see your face Richard or anybody from the team? 

I will present myself and the core team soon enough, but for now - business beckons. 

Q11. What should I be aware of, if I consider joining G.B.P.? 

As soon as you get all the technical aspects figured out, you always should stay cognizant of the future you want to live at. 

I hope that would be enough for today. Keep in touch with my verse. Don't forget to check the "Vital Pieces, Part 1"!

Always yours, 

Richard Osborn.

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