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Author: Jordan Letterman



As we are counting down the first month online, with imposing 6 digits figures of our first 1,000 client’s trust, today our job will be simple enough. This article will share with you an additional set of important insights that each user on the platform should be aware of…  

First, we have some great news to share with you:


▪ We hope you loved the new darker color and overall Secure Area interface update! Now you can put more focus at what's the most important - Bidding Contracts! 

▪ The contract management system now displays a Set of Badges attached to the lot. Explore all the trading, long-term and limited offers. Catch them right on the spot!

▪  Have you noticed official G.B.P. Telegram Stickers? Use them all at one of our country-based chats! Find your local community here

▪  Perfect Money & Payeer, are now available as your payment options. Thank you to all the users who voted on this issue in our Group Poll a few days ago.


TachiTeam, Monira Binta Ahsan and Huy Hoàng have been once again given the prestigious status of Representatives in our affiliate program. They already enjoy their new reward system, find out how you can join them in the Affiliate Program section.


After accepting such a vast number of fiat & crypto-currencies at the platform, a solid fluctuation protection mechanism might be required. From this very moment, you may see E.S.F.'s value-added to your withdrawal. 

Exchange Service Fee is always calculated in favor of the dominant deposit currency of your account balance, thus a particular service fee may be applied to your withdrawal request.

As you can fill up the available balance with multiple crypto-currencies and payment processors, all fiat rates are then to be converted into the $ (USD) value. Eventually, it may lead to a significant rate difference between a depositing payment processor, and the final withdrawing channel of your choice. 

To minimize your E.S.F., please consider using the same channel that your funds were deposited with. 

"Skip it or read it!" section. 

The exchange fee is calculated from the fee base which includes positive transactions (deposit, bonus, revenue, referral) and negative transactions (withdrawal, penalty). Acquisition and sale of contracts are discarded because when a contract is purchased and then sold, there is no effect on the fee base, however, if a contract is still active, the negative operation Acquisition will reduce the fee base and assign an unfairly high exchange fee.

The main rule is that revenue and referral rewards are never liable to exchange fee and such amounts may be withdrawn in any currency. For example, if a user deposits $1000 via system A, earns $100 as the ROI and $50 under the affiliate program, the $150 are not subject to exchange fee, no matter which system the user selects for withdrawal. However, if he or she is withdrawing more than $150 via any other system besides A, he will pay an exchange fee from the difference between the requested amount and $150. For example, if he is withdrawing $500 via B, the fee base will be $500 - $150 = $350. Therefore, the exchange fee will be $350 / $1000 * 10% = 3.5%. However, the exchange fee is never greater than 10%.


Next, please forgive us for a bit lengthy but the unavoidable discussion surrounding the payout timing. We have an automatic system that can process all the withdrawal requests instantly right after the timer ends. However, we are not using this feature at all times, because we are not willing to compromise the security of our platform for the convenience of the instant payouts. Thus on some occasions, your withdrawals might go in manually paid groups resulting in short traffic jam*  

Instant payouts for any withdrawal requests send by you, would give potential hackers a perfect opportunity to gain access to all the funds in the platform’s operational wallets. Partial manual payouts allow our Financial Department to perform numerous manual checks of activities of all users before the withdrawal request can be processed, yet sometimes it can cost us a little time. 

* If you do not see the payout made right after the end of its timer, simply give it a little room for processing. 


▪  A maximum of 3 (Three) Pending Withdrawal requests is allowed.

▪  The Total Amount Requested is a part of the algorithm for the processing timer.

- $10-100 - Instant automatic withdrawal after 24 hours.

- $100-$1000 - Instant automatic withdrawal after 2 business days.

- $1000-$4,999 - Instant automatic withdrawal after 3 business days.

- $5000-$10,000 - Manual Checkup of 12 hours, after 3 business days timer expiration.

- $10,000-$30,000 - Manual Checkup of 24 hours, after 3 business days timer expiration.

- $30,000-$49,999 - Manual Checkup of 48 hours, after 3 business days timer expiration.

- $50,000-$100,000 - Manual Checkup of 72 hours, after 3 business days timer expiration.

▪ Requests are processed only through Mon.-Fri. timeframe.
 All withdrawals placed right before the weekends, will have an extra 48 hours to its timer.  

As previously stated on several occasions, we do not wish to become yet another sad chapter in the series of Never-ending Hacking Tales plaguing online platforms as of late. Therefore, we always continue making changes to enhance security measures. 

We are here to make history and become the only investment platform that you can trust! Our rules are carefully crafted to achieve this goal. The rules are the same for all members and are meant to benefit all members, not only select few who are adept at gaming the investment platforms.

We achieved impressive results in just a couple of weeks. Imagine what is possible in a year. Two years. Five years from now. Let’s get there together, enjoying a hefty profit stably and safely for everyone!

PS. Coming soon:

- GB Packages, powered by all-new Capital Lineups Special feature! Expect it by the end of this week. 

- New and improved Personal Statistics & Client Review Editor.


- Long-awaited Mobile Version to finally become available... 

- Native Localization Editor (To empower the people within the community by providing an opportunity on becoming an official well-rewarded content translator!)

Always yours, Jordan Letterman,

Marketing manager at G.B.P.

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