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Article: ID 00020
Author: Jordan Letterman

XRP, ETH, LTC + added, RUGGED LOGIN & more...


It’s been already a full business week since the official launch of the platform. As time goes by strikingly fast, it is a good moment to prepare for upcoming growth. On this very day, we’ve greeted a little under 500 users with over $100,000 of Digital Assets deposited. These numbers may not become a high mark of utmost popularity, perhaps not just yet, but the staggering fact worth to brag about is the overall activity of our audience...

To be honest with you, such a pace of the contract acquisitions we were not prepared for. Technologically speaking everything is solid steel, yet listing the wave of lots daily did cost us some man-hours. Right now we do have a better understanding of the bidding statistic as well as an overall dynamic of G.B.P. user contracts preferences. The main agenda of ours as always to meet your standards of quality. With that set in mind, allow us to introduce a list of upgrades… 


From now on, you may top-up your available balance with not only Bitcoin but also Ethereum (ETH), DashLitecoin (LTC) & Ripple (XRP) and many others, with more payment processors to be added within the nearest future (as we gain enough audience data and adjust our exchange rate properly) 

In addition, as we’ve overlooked your bidding activity, we decided that adding 15 more easy to bid contracts would be a nice gift for all the newcomers! Addressing all the adepts - please allow novices to enjoy small lots as well. They deserve it! Explore new contracts all at your Secure Area today! 

RUGGED LOGIN SYSTEM (Unique proprietary feature!) 

Security came out to be a constant testing subject for the past few days, as our Security Team has successfully reflected a few hacking attempts already. A necessary set of Sucuri web firewalls and checkups was initialized for both the platform management and our clients. You will see this authorization checkup page while logging in your profile from this day...  

• Encrypting the channel…(to make sure your connection is https always).

• Fetching your IP Address…(in a way that respects your privacy, yet allows to prevent unauthorized login attempts).

• Syncing Contracts list & Vendors Database… (so we can reflect your operations faster).

• Establishing TCP Handshake… (to protect the organization’s administrative members logins).

• Performing the A.F.P. (Affiliate-Fraud-Prevention)…(to protect the system from inside).

• Looking for a transaction’s action duplicates… (to make sure you will have no fraudulent wallet changes no matter what).

• Synchronizing your log's history… (to stay aware of your identity and recognize your sessions).

This upgrade is a major and complex one, so if you have experienced any technical inconsistencies lately, please address it to our Technical Support Team and we will assist yours shortly! 


The social activity made a clear way to our Roadmap priority list, it means that the advertising budget we thought to is a must, is all to be redirected back to the localization and informational support (translations, new media files, helpful tips and so on are to be created…) 

Right now you may join the following list of Telegram Country-Based chat groups, where you can effectively communicate with locals, as well as to work with our Client Assistance and perform Troubleshooting right on the spot! 




Based on our recent pools at our channels, it is clear that the Mobile Version is to become a priority number one when it comes to the convenience of use. Unfortunately, we were not able to finish it in time, mainly due to the fact of countless design improvements on the go, thus by Friday, you should expect us to deliver such a toolset. Finishing the “haven’t done it yet” series, contract management is to become easier with a set of useful upgrades and improved filtering, as well as suggestions, feature, all coming as a final update by the end of the week! As a little sneak peek, enjoy the preview! 

There were numerous advertising offers sent to our Marketing Department, so at this point, we believe that new markets are yet to become covered, hence blowing up the marketing budget is not at our checkbook. If you want to become a paid partner, feel free to start your first steps and honor us with your decisiveness! 

That should be all for today. 

Stay in touch with our updates, and let’s hit our first thousand of users this very week together! 

G.B.P. Global Edition is Imminent.  

XRP, ETH, LTC + added, RUGGED LOGIN & more...
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